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Alfa Aesar, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific


Alfa Aesar,
part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of
chemicals, metals, and life science products for research and development.

For more than 50 years, scientists have relied on Alfa Aesar to supply high
purity raw materials for a variety of research and development applications.
Today we offer over 38,000 products in stock, in sizes from gram-scale catalog
items to semi-bulk and bulk production quantities. With custom manufacturing
capabilities to supply many more specialized items, we are a one-stop source for
research chemicals, metals and materials.

Our product line consists of a comprehensive range of:

– inorganics
– organics

– organometallics

– pure metals and elements

– precious metal compounds and catalysts

– biochemicals

– fuel cell products

– nanomaterials

– rare earths

– analytical products

– select laboratory equipment

We have over 5,000 biochemical products within our range of 38,000 research
chemical products. This provides a complete selection for all your research

Our continually growing range of products
for life science research
 cover applications such as; genomics,
proteomics, immunology, cellular & molecular biology, and vascular research
amongst others.

Alfa Aesar is a trusted, service-oriented company. Product quality is of
paramount importance, but production expertise is just the beginning. Factors
such as product availability, packaging and delivery are just as crucial to
meeting and exceeding your expectations. Our established quality process ensures
a high level of service and a promise of continually striving for perfection.
With most catalog items in stock for same-day shipment, and a friendly and
knowledgeable staff, we provide customers with an unsurpassed level of service.