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Fisher BioReagents: Your Source for Life Science Products


Obtaining optimal results in your life science research requires careful selection of reagents. When your experiments require exact conditions, you can depend on the reliability of Fisher BioReagents products for:

  • QUALITY: Tight specifications
  • CONSISTENCY: Lot-to-lot uniformity
  • SELECTION: Powders, concentrated stock solutions, or ready-to-use liquids
  • PACKAGING: State-of-the-art containers designed for safety and utility
  • CONVENIENCE: Prequalified for a variety of applications
  • ECONOMY: Configurations to meet all budgets
  • SCALE: From bench to batch sizes
Fisher BioReagents meet the needs of every budget and scale. Economical powders come in a variety of package
sizes, while concentrated stock solutions offer convenient one-step dilution. Realize the biggest time savings of all when you choose a Fisher BioReagents ready-to-use solution.