Inorganic standards

Inorganic Standards

Our catalog lists about 500 inorganic standards. We can provide them as single element standards for AA, ICP, ICP-MS, single anions (inorganic and organic) and cations for Ion Chromatography and relative mixes. Mixes of elements for EPA methods and CLP, internal standard solutions for ICP-MS and matrix modifiers for graphite furnace AA are also available.
Standards for ICP and ICP-MS are prepared from starting material 99,999% pure (wherever possible) using water ASTM Type I (18 MΩ), and have uncertainty of ± 0,2%. Standards for ICP and ICP-MS are confirmed against an independent second-source standard and analyzed for trace metals impurities. The C of A shows also solution density for single element standard and NIST SRMs traceability, wherever possible.