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About Filter-Lab

FILTROS ANOIA,SA began business in 1897, the year when D. Jose Albet Quintana, one of the first technical paper manufacturers in Spain, he founded a company to startmaking filter paper from cotton rags.

The production of these filter papers was performed in a totally hand-crafted.

The process started with the crushing of the raw material in order to get the cotton fibers. Then mixed with water to form paste and finally produced the paper page by page, using a sieve. The process concluded with the natural drying of filter paper in ventilated buildings.

A very important aspect to consider in the manufacture of filter papers
has been the use in the production
process, water from a spring at Les Deus, refined, and located just two miles
from the factory.

In 1945 installed the first machine driven by electricity, with a production capacity still limited, since the process of drying the paper was done by manual systems.

Back in the ’60s, due to the strong increase in demand for filter papers, both industrial and analytical laboratory, install a machine that enabled modern Filtros Anoia become, at that time, one of the most important filter paper manufacturers in Europe.

Currently, Filtros Anoia, SA focuses on the production, handling and marketing of filter papers, technical papers and analytical, laboratory and absorbent papers.

Nearly 60% of production is exported, mostly to markets as demanding as those in the U.S.A. or Europe.

All this without neglecting research and development of new products, promoted from within the Quality Department and R & D.

The immediate future of the company through diversification of product range and continuity in the policy of investing heavily to improve production, logistics and quality control systems.

Certificate Of Quality

1.Commitment to total quality:
Manufacture and distribution of products and materials with high
exigency, enhancing the feedback that the customer has the maximum
guarantee of satisfaction. Not only in terms of product also major
efforts in the service, advice and personalized attention. This
attention (particularly important for
Filtros Anoia),both dedicated to buyers and distributors and partners of various kinds.To ensure management that allows maximum use of each piece of information, questions or comments from partners, and establish appropriate methodologies to every situation, Filtros Anoia implemented the ISO 9001 quality system.
2.Respect for the Environment: The manufacturing processes of the paper industry, in some cases can make a strong attack on the surrounding environment. In Filtros Anoia,SA has been completely eliminated this risk through the implementation of environmental management system ISO 14001.Thus, the factory production takes place in a completely closed system in which water is 100% recycled for reuse in the process. As for the pulp used, their preparation are carried out from plantations controlled legally.