Cat. No   Description 
UP-1238 NanoTight Kit .007in (180µm)
UP-1239 NanoTight Kit .0085in (215µm)
UP-1240 NanoTight Kit .011in
UP-1241 NanoTight Kit .013in
UP-1242 NanoTight Kit .015in
UP-1243 NanoTight Kit .018in
UP-1244 NanoTight Kit .021in
UP-1246 NanoTight Kit .027in
UP-1247 NanoTight Kit .033in
UP-1250 NanoTight Fittings Kit
UP-1252 NanoTight Kit .042in (1mm)
UP-1320 Upchurch SS Tubing Kit
UP-1321 Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .010 ID
UP-1322 Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .007 ID
UP-1323 Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .005 ID
UP-1324 Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .020 ID
UP-1325 Tefzel Tubing Kit
UP-1326 PEEK Tubing Kit
UP-1328 MicroTight PEEK Sleeve Kit
UP-1356 MicroTight Con Kit – PEEK
UP-1400 Upch Fittings Kit/Beckman
UP-1404 Ftgs Kit/Hewlett-Packard Type
UP-1412 UpTight Ftgs Kit/Varian Type
UP-1413 Upch Fittings Kit/Waters Type
UP-1415 Upch Fittings Kit/Gilson Type
UP-1418 Upch Fittings Kit/Bio-Rad Type
UP-1420 Upch Fittings Kit/Hitachi Type
UP-1421 Shimadzu Type Kit
UP-1451 Flangeless Fittings Kit
UP-1452 FingerTight II Fittings Kit
UP-1453 Flanged Fittings Kit
UP-1454 Tefzel Fittings Kit
UP-1456 PEEK Fittings Kit – Low Press
UP-1457 PEEK Fittings Kit – Hi Press
UP-1458 FIA Kit
UP-1500 Tub PFA Nat 1/16 x .020 x 5ft
UP-1502 Tub PFA Nat 1/16 x .030 x 5ft
UP-1503 Tub PFA Nat 1/16 x .040 x 5ft
UP-1507L Tub PFA Nat 1/16 x .040 x 50ft
UP-1507M Tub PFA Nat 1/16x.040 x 1000ft
UP-1509-5 Tub PFA Nat 1/8 x .062 x 5ft
UP-1509L Tub PFA Nat 1/8 x .062 x 50ft
UP-1512L Tub PFA Nat 1/16 x .020 x 50ft
UP-1512M Tub PFA Nat 1/16x.020 x 1000ft
UP-1514L Tub PFA Nat 1/16 x .030 x 50ft
UP-1514M Tub PFA Nat 1/16x.030 x 1000ft
UP-1516 Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16 x .020 x 5ft
UP-1516L Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.020x50ft
UP-1516M Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.020x 1000ft
UP-1516XL Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.020x100ft
UP-1517 Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16 x .040 x 5ft
UP-1517L Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.040x50ft
UP-1517M Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.040x 1000ft
UP-1517XL Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.040x100ft
UP-1520-5 Tub FEP Nat 1/16 x .030 x 5ft
UP-1520L Tub FEP Nat 1/16 x .030 x 50ft
UP-1520M Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.030 x 1000ft
UP-1520XL Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.030x100ft
UP-1521-5 Tub FEP Nat 1/8 x .062 x 5ft
UP-1521L Tub FEP Nat 1/8 x .062 x 50ft
UP-1521XL Tub FEP Nat 1/8 x .062 x 100ft
UP-1524L Tub FEP Nat 3/16 x .125 x 50ft
UP-1524XL Tub FEP Nat 3/16x.125x100ft
UP-1527-5 Tub FEP Nat 1/16 x .010 x 5ft
UP-1527L Tub FEP Nat 1/16 x .010 x 50ft
UP-1527M Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.010 x 1000ft
UP-1527XL Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.010x100ft
UP-1528 Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16 x .030 x 5ft
UP-1528L Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.030x50ft
UP-1528M Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.030x 1000ft
UP-1528XL Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.030x100ft
UP-1529 Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16 x .010 x 5ft
UP-1529L Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.010x50ft
UP-1529M Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.010x 1000ft
UP-1529XL Tub Tfzl Nat 1/16x.010x100ft
UP-1530 Tub Tfzl Nat 1/8 x .062 x 5ft
UP-1530L Tub Tfzl Nat 1/8 x .062 x 50ft
UP-1530XL Tub Tfzl Nat 1/8x.062x100ft
UP-1531 Tub PEEK Nat 1/16 x .010 x 5ft
UP-1531B Tub PEEK Blu 1/16 x .010 x 5ft
UP-1531BL Tub PEEK Blu 1/16x.010x50ft
UP-1531BM Tub PEEK Blu 1/16x.010x 1000ft
UP-1531BXL Tub PEEK Blu 1/16x.010x100ft
UP-1531L Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.010x50ft
UP-1531M Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.010x 1000ft
UP-1531XL Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.010x100ft
UP-1532 Tub PEEK Ora 1/16 x .020 x 5ft
UP-1532L Tub PEEK Ora 1/16x.020x50ft
UP-1532M Tub PEEK Ora 1/16x.020x 1000ft
UP-1532XL Tub PEEK Ora 1/16x.020x100ft
UP-1533 Tub PEEK Grn 1/16 x .030 x 5ft
UP-1533L Tub PEEK Grn 1/16x.030x50ft
UP-1533M Tub PEEK Grn 1/16x.030x 1000ft
UP-1533XL Tub PEEK Grn 1/16x.030x100ft
UP-1534 Tub PEEK Nat 1/8 x .062 x 5ft
UP-1535 Tub PEEK Red 1/16 x .005 x 5ft
UP-1535L Tub PEEK Red 1/16x.005x50ft
UP-1535M Tub PEEK Red 1/16x.005x 1000ft
UP-1535XL Tub PEEK Red 1/16x.005x100ft
UP-1536 Tub PEEK Yel 1/16 x .007 x 5ft
UP-1536L Tub PEEK Yel 1/16x.007x50ft
UP-1536M Tub PEEK Yel 1/16x.007x 1000ft
UP-1536XL Tub PEEK Yel 1/16x.007x100ft
UP-1538 Tub PEEK Nat 1/16 x .040 x 5ft
UP-1538L Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.040x50ft
UP-1538M Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.040x 1000ft
UP-1538XL Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.040x100ft
UP-1544 Tub PEEK Nat 1/8 x .080 x 5ft
UP-1548-5 Tub FEP Nat 1/16 x .020 x 5ft
UP-1548L Tub FEP Nat 1/16 x .020 x 50ft
UP-1548M Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.020 x 1000ft
UP-1548XL Tub FEP Nat 1/16x.020x100ft
UP-1559 Tub PEEK Nat 1/16 x 25µm x 5ft
UP-1560 Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.0025x5ft
UP-1560L TUBE,PEEK,NAT,1/16x.0025×50′
UP-1560M Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.0025x1000ft
UP-1560XL Tub PEEK Nat 1/16x.0025x100ft
UP-1561 Tub PEEK Blk 1/16 x .004 x 5ft
UP-1561L Tub PEEK Blk 1/16x.004x50ft
UP-1561M Tub PEEK Blk 1/16x.004x 1000ft
UP-1561XL Tub PEEK Blk 1/16x.004x100ft
UP-1568 Tub PEEK Nat 1/32 x .015 x 5ft
UP-1568L Tub PEEK Nat 1/32x.015x50ft
UP-1568M Tub PEEK Nat 1/32x.015x 1000ft
UP-1568XL Tub PEEK Nat 1/32x.015x100ft
UP-1569 Tub PEEK Ora 1/32 x .020 x 5ft
UP-1569L Tub PEEK Ora 1/32x.020x50ft
UP-1569M Tub PEEK Ora 1/32x.020x 1000ft
UP-1569XL Tub PEEK Ora 1/32x.020x100ft
UP-1570 Tub PEEK Nat 360µmx50µmx5ft
UP-1571 Tub PEEK Red 360µmx100µmx5ft
UP-1572 Tub PEEK Yel 360µmx150µmx5ft
UP-1574 Tub PEEK Nat 360µmx25µmx5ft
UP-1576 Tub PEEK Red 1/32 x .005 x 5ft
UP-1576L Tub PEEK Red 1/32x.005x50ft
UP-1576M Tub PEEK Red 1/32x.005x 1000ft
UP-1576XL Tub PEEK Red 1/32x.005x100ft
UP-1577 Tub PEEK Yel 1/32 x .007 x 5ft
UP-1577L Tub PEEK Yel 1/32x.007x50ft
UP-1577M Tub PEEK Yel 1/32x 007x 1000ft
UP-1577XL Tub PEEK Yel 1/32x.007x100ft
UP-1581 Tub PEEK Blu 1/32x.010x5ft
UP-1581L Tub PEEK Blu 1/32x.010x50ft
UP-1581M Tub PEEK Blu 1/32x.010x1000ft
UP-1581XL Tub PEEK Blu 1/32x.010x100ft
UP-1582 Adapt 10-32 Male x 1/4-28 Fem
UP-1583 Adapt 10-32 Fem x 1/4-28 Fem
UP-1583-01 Adapt Body 1583
UP-1586 Adapt 10-32 Malex1/4-28 Male
UP-1587 Upch Adapt 10-32 Fem x M6 Fem
UP-1587-01 Adapt Body 1587
UP-1588 Adapt Waters Type FemxM6 Fem
UP-1591 Adapt 10-32 Fem x 1/4-28 Male
UP-1591-01 Adapt Body 1591
UP-1592 Adapt Assy 1/16 Fem x 1/8 Fem
UP-1593 Union Assy – 1/8in Prep
UP-1593-01 Union Body – 1/8in Prep
UP-1622-5 Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/16x.020x5ft
UP-1622L Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/16x.020x50ft
UP-1622M TubPFA Hi Pur 1/16x.020x1000ft
UP-1632-5 Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/16x.030x5ft
UP-1632L Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/16x.030x50ft
UP-1632M TubPFA Hi Pur 1/16x.030x1000ft
UP-1641-5 Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/8x.062x5ft
UP-1641L Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/8x.062x50ft
UP-1642L Tub PFA Hi Pur 3/16x.125x50ft
UP-1642XL Tub PFA Hi Pur 3/16x.125x100ft
UP-1645L Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/4x.188x50ft
UP-1645XL Tub PFA Hi Pur 1/4x.188x100ft
UP-1648 Tub Tfzl Nat 1/8 x .093 x 5ft
UP-1648L Tub Tfzl Nat 1/8 x .093 x 50ft
UP-1648XL Tub Tfzl Nat 1/8x.093x100ft
UP-1650L Tub FEP Nat 1/4 x .188 x 50ft
UP-1650XL Tub FEP Nat 1/4 x .188 x 100ft
UP-1671L Tub FEP Nat 1mm x 0.5mm x 15m
UP-1673L Tub FEP Nat 2mm x 1mm x 15m
UP-1677L Tub FEP Nat 3mm x 2mm x 15m
UP-1800 Sample Loop PEEK 2µL Assy
UP-1805-1 Sample Loop PEEK 50µL Tube
UP-1810 Sample Loop PEEK 100µL Assy
UP-1826 Sample Loop PEEK 20mL Assy
UP-1876 Sample Loop SS 10mL Assy
UP-1902-5 Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .010 x 5ft
UP-1902L Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .010 x 50ft
UP-1902M Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .010 x 1000ft
UP-1907-5 Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .020 x 5ft
UP-1907L Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .020 x 50ft
UP-1907M Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .020 x 1000ft
UP-1912-5 Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .030 x 5ft
UP-1912L Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .030 x 50ft
UP-1912M Tub HPFA+ 1/16 x .030 x 1000ft
UP-1921-5 Tub HPFA+ 1/8 x .062 x 5ft
UP-1921L Tub HPFA+ 1/8 x .062 x 50ft
UP-1958-01 10-32 F to M4 F
UP-1959-01 M4 Union Body, SS, 1/32in Tub
UP-2100 HPLC Starter Kit
UP-310010 PEEKsil 1/32x100µmx10cm/2pk
UP-310015 PEEKsil 1/32x100µmx15cm/2pk
UP-310020 PEEKsil 1/32x100µmx20cm/2pk
UP-31005 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x100µmx5cm/2pk
UP-310050 PEEKsil 1/32x100µmx50cm/2pk
UP-315010 PEEKsil 1/32x150µmx10cm/2pk
UP-315015 PEEKsil 1/32x150µmx15cm/2pk
UP-315020 PEEKsil 1/32x150µmx20cm/2pk
UP-31505 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x150µmx5cm/2pk
UP-315050 PEEKsil 1/32x150µmx50cm/2pk
UP-32510 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x25µmx10cm/2pk
UP-32515 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x25µmx15cm/2pk
UP-32520 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x25µmx20cm/2pk
UP-3255 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x25µmx5cm/2pk
UP-32550 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x25µmx50cm/2pk
UP-35010 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x50µmx10cm/2pk
UP-35015 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x50µmx15cm/2pk
UP-35020 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x50µmx20cm/2pk
UP-3505 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x50µmx5cm/2pk
UP-35050 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x50µmx50cm/2pk
UP-37510 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x75µmx10cm/2pk
UP-37515 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x75µmx15cm/2pk
UP-37520 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x75µmx20cm/2pk
UP-3755 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x75µmx5cm/2pk
UP-37550 Tub PEEKsil 1/32x75µmx50cm/2pk
UP-610010 PEEKsil 1/16x100µmx10cm/5pk
UP-610015 PEEKsil 1/16x100µmx15cm/5pk
UP-610020 PEEKsil 1/16x100µmx20cm/5pk
UP-61005 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x100µmx5cm/5pk
UP-610050 PEEKsil 1/16x100µmx50cm/2pk
UP-615010 PEEKsil 1/16x150µmx10cm/5pk
UP-615015 PEEKsil 1/16x150µmx15cm/5pk
UP-615020 PEEKsil 1/16x150µmx20cm/5pk
UP-61505 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x150µmx5cm/5pk
UP-615050 PEEKsil 1/16x150µmx50cm/2pk
UP-617510 PEEKsil 1/16x175µmx10cm/5pk
UP-617520 PEEKsil 1/16x175µmx20cm/5pk
UP-617550 PEEKsil 1/16x175µmx50cm/2pk
UP-620010 PEEKsil 1/16x200µmx10cm/5pk
UP-620015 PEEKsil 1/16x200µmx15cm/5pk
UP-620020 PEEKsil 1/16x200µmx20cm/5pk
UP-62005 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x200µmx5cm/5pk
UP-620050 PEEKsil 1/16x200µmx50cm/2pk
UP-62510 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x25µmx10cm/5pk
UP-62515 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x25µmx15cm/5pk
UP-62520 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x25µmx20cm/5pk
UP-6255 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x25µmx5cm/5pk
UP-62550 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x25µmx50cm/2pk
UP-630010 PEEKsil 1/16x300µmx10cm/5pk
UP-630015 PEEKsil 1/16x300µmx15cm/5pk
UP-630020 PEEKsil 1/16x300µmx20cm/5pk
UP-63005 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x300µmx5cm/5pk
UP-630050 PEEKsil 1/16x300µmx50cm/2pk
UP-65010 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x50µmx10cm/5pk
UP-65015 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x50µmx15cm/5pk
UP-65020 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x50µmx20cm/5pk
UP-6505 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x50µmx5cm/5pk
UP-65050 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x50µmx50cm/2pk
UP-67510 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x75µmx10cm/5pk
UP-67515 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x75µmx15cm/5pk
UP-67520 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x75µmx20cm/5pk
UP-6755 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x75µmx5cm/5pk
UP-67550 Tub PEEKsil 1/16x75µmx50cm/2pk
UP-6810 IDEX Wrench 1/4 in and 5/16 in
UP-7755-300 Smpl Loop SS for Titan HT 5µL
UP-A-100 Frit SS 2µm .094x.065x.2485
UP-A-101 Frit SS 2µm .062x.065x.2485
UP-A-102 Frit SS 0.5µm .062x.065x.2485
UP-A-103 Frit SS 0.5µm .094x.065x.250
UP-A-105 Frit SS 10µm .062x.065x.250
UP-A-106 Frit SS 10µm .094x.065x.250
UP-A-107 Frit SS 10µm .189x.074x.254
UP-A-112 Frit UHMW 2µm .065x.065x.250
UP-A-113 Frit UHMW 2µm .094x.065x.250
UP-A-115 Frit UHMW 2µm .190x.074x.254
UP-A-116 Frit UHMW 10µm .062x.065x.250
UP-A-119 Frit UHMW 10µm .188x.074x.254
UP-A-120 Frit SS 20µm .125x.065x.250
UP-A-122 Frit SS 20µm .188x.074x.254
UP-A-200 Solvent Filter Inlet Kit 10µm
UP-A-201 Kit Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm
UP-A-210 Tub Teflon 3ft & P-100
UP-A-220 Solvent Filt Inlet 10µm 1/8
UP-A-221 Solvent Filter Inlet 10µm/5pk
UP-A-222 Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm 1/8
UP-A-223 Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm 5pk
UP-A-224 Frit SS PTFE20µm.188x.074x.254
UP-A-225 Solvent Filter Inlet 20µm 1/16
UP-A-225A Solvent Filter lnlet 20µm 1/8
UP-A-225A-1 Filter inlet 20µm
UP-A-226A Solvent Filter let 10µm 5/16
UP-A-227A Solvent Filter lnlet 10µm 1/4
UP-A-228 Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm 1/8
UP-A-230A Solvent Filter Inlet 20µm 1/4
UP-A-231A Filter Inlet 20µm5/16-24,3/16
UP-A-240 Solvent Filter Inlet 10µm 1/8
UP-A-241 Solvent Filter Inlet 10µm/5pk
UP-A-242 SolventFilter Inlet 2µm 1/8Tub
UP-A-243 Solvent Filter Inlet 2µm/5pk
UP-A-302 Solvent Filter Inlet General
UP-A-302A Solvent Filter inlet 1/4-28
UP-A-302S Solvent Filter Inlet, Select
UP-A-304 Wrench Open End 1/4 x 5/16
UP-A-305 Wrench Open End 1/2 x 9/16
UP-A-309 BOB Solvent Filter Assy 10µm
UP-A-310 Solvent FilterInlet WatersType
UP-A-311 Solvent Filter Inlet Prep
UP-A-311A Solv Filter Inlet Prep 1/4-28
UP-A-313 Filter – Inline SS w/20µm Frit
UP-A-314 Solvent Filter – Inline
UP-A-314-01 Solvent Filter, Inline-Female
UP-A-314-02 Solvent Filter, Inline-Male
UP-A-315 Precolumn Filter Assy 2µm
UP-A-315-01 Precolumn Filter Female End
UP-A-315-02 Precolumn Filter Male End
UP-A-316 Precolumn Filter 0.5µm
UP-A-318 Precolumn Filter 0.5µm
UP-A-320 Wrench Open End 3/8 x 7/16
UP-A-327 Plastic Tubing Cutter
UP-A-328 Tub Cutter Blade 5pk
UP-A-329 Polymer Tubing Cutter Lg Bore
UP-A-330 Semi-Prep Filter Assy
UP-A-331 Frit SS Nat 10µm
UP-A-332 Semi-Prep Nat Frit Assy 2µm
UP-A-337 Frit SS 20µm .750x.070x.881
UP-A-343 Frit SS Grn 2µm .625 x .750
UP-A-345 Frit SS Nat 20µm .625 x .750
UP-A-346 Frit PEEK 2µm .613x.070x.750
UP-A-350 Tube Cutter Capillary Polymer
UP-A-355 Filter PreColumn PEEK 2µm
UP-A-355-01 Filter Body PreColumn Biocomp
UP-A-355-02 Filter Cap PreColumn Biocomp
UP-A-356 Filter PreColumn PEEK 0.5µm
UP-A-360 Semi-Prep Filter Asy 5/16-24
UP-A-410 Semi-Prep Filter 2µm
UP-A-411 Semi-Prep Filter 10µm
UP-A-415 Filter Lo Press – 1/16 Tub
UP-A-416 Filter Lo Press – 1/8 Tub
UP-A-417 Frit SS Grn 2µm .062x.065x.200
UP-A-418 Frit SS 0.5µm .062x.065x.200
UP-A-420 Frit SS Grn 2µm .125x.065x.200
UP-A-422 Frit UHMW 2µm .065x.065x.200
UP-A-423 Frit UHMW 10µm .062x.065x.200
UP-A-424 Fltr Inline Metal Free 2µm
UP-A-425 Fltr Inline Metal Free 10µm
UP-A-426 Solvent Filter UHMWPE 10µm
UP-A-427 Filter Body UHMWPE 10µm/5pk
UP-A-428X Filter End Ftg 0.5µm PEEK/10pk
UP-A-429X Filter End Ftg 2µm PEEK/10pk
UP-A-430 Filter 2µm
UP-A-431 Filter 0.5µm
UP-A-435 BOB Filter Assy PEEK
UP-A-436 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 3/16
UP-A-437 BOB Filter Asy PEEK 1/8 2µm
UP-A-438 BOB Filter Asy PEEK 1/8 10µm
UP-A-440 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 1/8 10µm
UP-A-441 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 3/16 10µm
UP-A-445 Solvent Filter UHMW 1/16 10µm
UP-A-446 Solvent Filter UHMWPE 1/8 10µm
UP-A-450 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 1/16 2µm
UP-A-451 BOB Filter Assy PEEK 1/16 10µm
UP-A-452 BOB Filter Asy PEEK 1/16 2µm
UP-A-453 BOB Filter Asy PEEK 1/16 10µm
UP-A-510 Semi-Prep Filter 5µm 3/16
UP-A-511 Semi-Prep Filter 5µm 1/4
UP-A-520X Repl Filter Cup 10µm – 10pk
UP-A-522X Repl Filter Cup 2µm – 10pk
UP-A-550 Fltr Asy 10µm for 1/8 OD Tub
UP-A-551 Fltr Asy 2µm for 1/8 OD Tub
UP-A-610 Bottle Cap Assy 3/16
UP-A-620 Bottle Cap Assy 1/8
UP-A-622 Bottle Cap Assy 1/8-Small Neck
UP-A-626 Bottle Cap Plug
UP-A-627 Plug Bttle SS 20µm-Taper Hole
UP-A-628 Bottle Cap Plug 1/8
UP-A-629 Plug Bttle SS Fltr 20µm-1/8
UP-A-630 Bottle Cap Assy 1/16
UP-A-632 Bottle Cap Asy 1/16 Small
UP-A-700 Frit PEEK 2µm .062x.065x.250
UP-A-701 FRIT,PK,3LU,.5UM,.062X.065X.25
UP-A-702 Frit PEEK 2µm .091x.065x.250
UP-A-703 Frit PEEK 0.5µm .094x.065x.250
UP-A-704 Frit PEEK 2µm .125x.065x.250
UP-A-706 Frit PEEK 2µm .188x.065x.250
UP-A-707 Frit PEEK 0.5µm .195x.064x.247
UP-A-708 Frit PEEK 2µm .062x.065x.200
UP-A-710 Frit PEEK 2µm .125x.065x.200
UP-A-720 Frit PEEK 10µm .125x.077x.250
UP-A-722 Frit PEEK 10µm .197x.074x.247
UP-A-735 MicroFlt 0.5µm .045x.033x.192
UP-A-735X Frit MicrFltr PEEK 0.5µm/10pk
UP-B-300 Bottle 1L Wide Safety-Coated
UP-B-310 Syringe 10cc Luer-lok
UP-C-1000 Semi-Prep Guard Column Holder
UP-C-1030 Threaded Repl Cap SS 2µm
UP-C-1033 Dry Packing Funnel 10mm
UP-C-1035 Semi-Prep Guard Asy 10mm x 1cm
UP-C-1100-01 Col Holder – PEEK
UP-C-1210 Col Coupler Sample Trap
UP-C-128 MicroBore Guard Column
UP-C-128-31 Frit SS Blk 0.5µm
UP-C-128-40 Slurry Packing Adapter
UP-C-130-40 Slurry Packing Adapter & Seal
UP-C-1300 Col Assy Sample Trap Ti
UP-C-130B Grd Col 2mm x 2cm
UP-C-1326 Col Holder Assy Ti
UP-C-140-30 Frit SS 0.5µm .188x.074x.254
UP-C-160 Cartridge Holder Assy
UP-C-1600 Col Assy Sample Trap Ti 25mm
UP-C-161 Cartridge Assy
UP-C-161-02 Cartridge Sleeve Inner
UP-C-168 Cartridge Assy 2mm x 1cm
UP-C-168-01 Cartridge Sleeve Inner 2mm
UP-C-169 Cartridge Assy 4mm x 1cm
UP-C-235 Male Nut 1/8
UP-C-235X Male Nut 1/8 10pk
UP-C-236 Ferrule 1/8
UP-C-236X Ferrule 1/8 10pk
UP-C-270 Cartridge Hldr FngrTgts Bio
UP-C-281 Col 2mm x 1cm w/C-270 6pk
UP-C-282 Col 2mm x 1cm – ODS 10pk
UP-C-290-01 Col End Ftg Tefzel Flgls Nut
UP-C-401 Frit SS 2µm .125x.065x.2485
UP-C-402 Frit SS Nat 2µm .187x.074x.254
UP-C-407 Frit SS Grn 2µm .038x.030x.062
UP-C-407-02 Disc SS 2µm Ø.038 x .028
UP-C-408 Frit SS Nat .038 x .030 x .125
UP-C-409 Frit SS 0.5µm .038x.030x.062
UP-C-420 Frit SS 2µm .038 x .031 x .192
UP-C-425 McroFlt 0.5µm .038x.031x.192
UP-C-610 Grd Col Assy 2µm 4.6mm x 1cm
UP-C-710 Col Cartridge 4.3mm x 1cm
UP-C-710-01 Cartridge Body 4.3mm x 1cm
UP-C-751 Col 4.3mm x 1cm w/C-270 6pk
UP-C-752 Col 4.3mm x 1cm – ODS 10pk
UP-CV-3000 CV Inline Assy
UP-CV-3000NF CV Inline Assy w/o Fittings
UP-CV-3001 CV Inline Cartridge
UP-CV-3010 CV Inline Assy 3 psi 1/8in
UP-CV-3011 CV Inline Cartridge 3 psi
UP-CV-3301 CV Inlet 1/4-28 (Perfluor)
UP-CV-3302 CV Outlet Asy 1/4-28 (Perflu)
UP-CV-3310 CV Inline Assy 3 psi 1/4-28
UP-CV-3315 CV Inlet Asy 3psi 1/4-28 .020
UP-CV-3316 CV Outlet 3 psi 1/4-28 .020
UP-CV-3320 CV Inlet Non-Metallic
UP-CV-3321 CV Outlet Non-Metallic
UP-CV-3322 CV Inlet Non-Metallic.040 thru
UP-CV-3323 CV Outlet Non-Metallic .040
UP-CV-3324 CV Inlet Non-Metallic.060 thru
UP-CV-3325 CV Outlet Non-Metallic .060
UP-CV-3330 CV Inline Non-Metallic 1/4-28
UP-CV-3335 CV Inlet Non-Met 1/4-28I10-32E
UP-CV-3336 CV Out Non-Met 1/4-28I10-32E
UP-CV-3340 CV Inline Non-Metallic 10-32
UP-CV-3345 CV Inline Outlet
UP-CV-3500 Micro-Volume Check Valve
UP-CV-3500-05 Check Valve Diaphragm
UP-D-223BLK Flgls Nut Short 1/16 Blk PP
UP-D-301 Flangeless Nut 1/8 Blk Delr
UP-D-323BLK Flgls Nut Short 1/8 Blk PP
UP-D-324BLK Flat Bottom Plug 1/4-28 Blk PP
UP-D-646 Swivel Barb Ftg, 1/16in
UP-D-647 Swivel Barb Ftg, 3/32in
UP-D-648 Swivel Barb Ftg, 1/8in
UP-F-100 FingerTight I Male Nut-Red
UP-F-100X FngrTt I Male Nut-Red/10pk
UP-F-110 FingerTight Male Nut 1/4-28
UP-F-112 MicroFerrule 1/32in
UP-F-113 FingerTight MicroFerrule,1/32
UP-F-120 FingerTight I PEEK
UP-F-120B FingerTight I PEEK Blue
UP-F-120BLK FingerTight I PEEK Black
UP-F-120G FingerTight I PEEK Green
UP-F-120R FingerTight I PEEK Red
UP-F-120X FingerTight I PEEK/10pk
UP-F-120Y FingerTight I PEEK Yellow
UP-F-123H Hdls Nut 6-32FB 360/510µm/1/32
UP-F-123S 6-32 FB Nut 360/510µm & 1/32
UP-F-124H Headless Nut 6-32 Coned 360µm
UP-F-124HX Hdls Nut 6-32 Coned 360µm/10pk
UP-F-124S Standard Nut 6-32 Coned 360µm
UP-F-124SX Std Nut 6-32 Coned 360µm/10pk
UP-F-125 Micro FingerTight PEEK 6-32
UP-F-125H Headless Nut 6-32 Coned .025in
UP-F-125HX Hdls Nut 6-32 Coned .025/10pk
UP-F-125X Micro FngrTt PEEK 6-32/10pk
UP-F-126 6-32 Coned Nut 1/32in Natural
UP-F-126HX Hdls Nut 6-32 Coned 1/32/10pk
UP-F-126S NUT,STD,6-32,CONED,1/32
UP-F-126SX Std Nut 6-32 Coned 1/32in/10pk
UP-F-130 Long FingerTight I PEEK Nat
UP-F-130X Long FngrTt I PEEK Nat/10pk
UP-F-132 MicroFerrule 1/16in
UP-F-142 Repl Ferr Hi Press FngrTt II
UP-F-142N Repl 1/16 Ferrule Nat ETFE
UP-F-142NX Repl 1/16 Ferr Nat ETFE/10pk
UP-F-142X Ferr Hi Press FngrTt/10pk
UP-F-148 Micro FngrTt Ferr .009in ID
UP-F-151 Micro FngrTt Ferr .015in ID
UP-F-152 Mini MicroFilter Ferr .015in
UP-F-152BLK Mi MicrFltr Ferr .015 PEEK Blk
UP-F-156 Female Nut PEEK Blk 1/4-28 1/8
UP-F-156X F Nut PEEK Blk 1/4-28 1/8 10pk
UP-F-160 FingerTight II 1/4-28 Hi Press
UP-F-160X FngrTt II 1/4-28 Hi Press 10pk
UP-F-162 FngrTt Ferr 1/4-28 Hi Press
UP-F-172 MicroFerrule .025in PEEK Black
UP-F-180 MicroTight Slv Red .005 x .025
UP-F-181 MicroTight Slv Yel .007 x .025
UP-F-182 MicroTight Slv Nat .009 x .025
UP-F-183 MicroTight Slv Blu .011 x .025
UP-F-184 MicroTight Slv Ora .013 x .025
UP-F-185 MicroTight Slv Grn .0155x.025
UP-F-185X MicTgt Slv Grn .0155x.025/10pk
UP-F-186 MicroTight Slv Blk .018 x .025
UP-F-187 MicroTight Slv Nat .021 x .025
UP-F-188 MicroTight Slv Pur .006 x .025
UP-F-192 SealTight Ferrule
UP-F-192X SealTight Ferrule/10pk
UP-F-193 SealTight Short Hex-head
UP-F-193X SealTight Short Hex-head/10pk
UP-F-195 Short SealTight Fitting 10-32
UP-F-195X Short SealTight Ftg 10-32/10pk
UP-F-196 Long SealTight Fitting 10-32
UP-F-196X Long SealTight Ftg 10-32/10pk
UP-F-197 M6 SealTight Assy
UP-F-200 FingerTight II 10-32 Red
UP-F-225 Tub Slv PEEK Red .062 x .005
UP-F-226 Tub Slv PEEK Yel .062 x .007
UP-F-227 Tub Slv PEEK Yel .062 x .009
UP-F-228 Tub Slv PEEK Blu .062 x .011
UP-F-229 Tub Slv PEEK Nat .062 x .013
UP-F-230 TUB SLV PEEK ORA .062X.016
UP-F-231 Tub Slv PEEK Nat .062 x .022
UP-F-232 Tub Slv PEEK Nat .062 x .031
UP-F-233 Tub Slv PEEK Blu .062 x .034
UP-F-234 Tub Slv PEEK Yel .062 x .027
UP-F-237 Slv FEP Red 1/16 x .005 x 1.55
UP-F-238 Slv FEP Yel 1/16 x .007 x 1.55
UP-F-239 Slv FEP Nat 1/16x.0085×1.55
UP-F-240 Slv FEP Blu 1/16 x .011 x 1.55
UP-F-241 Slv FEP Ora 1/16 x .013 x 1.55
UP-F-241N Slv FEP Nat 1/16 x .013 x 1.55
UP-F-242 Slv FEP Grn 1/16x.0155×1.55
UP-F-242X SLV,FEP,GRN,1/16x.0155×1.55,
UP-F-243 Slv FEP Blk 1/16 x .018 x 1.55
UP-F-244 Slv FEP Nat 1/16 x.021 x 1.55
UP-F-245 Slv FEP Red 1/16 x .024 x 1.55
UP-F-246 Slv FEP Yel 1/16 x .027 x 1.55
UP-F-247 Slv FEP Grn 1/16 x .033 x 1.55
UP-F-252 Slv FEP Pur 1/16 x .042 x 1.55
UP-F-252X Slv FEP Pur 1/16x.042/10pk
UP-F-262 Slv FEP Grn 1/16 x .0155 x 2in
UP-F-264 Slv FEP Nat 1/16 x .021 x 2in
UP-F-267B Slv FEP Blu 1/16 x .033 x 2in
UP-F-287 SealTight PEEK Fat-Head
UP-F-287-01 SealTight PEEK Fat-Head Nut
UP-F-287X SealTight PEEK Fat-Head/10pk
UP-F-290 Flangeless SealTight Ferrule
UP-F-292 SealTight Flangeless Nut Delr
UP-F-294 SealTight Flangeless Nut PEEK
UP-F-298 Shrt SealTight Flngs Nut PEEK
UP-F-300 FingerTight III 10-32
UP-F-300X FingerTight III 10-32/10pk
UP-F-301 FingerTight III 1/4-28
UP-F-301-01 FingerTight III 1/4-28 Body
UP-F-330 Long FingerTight 2pc PEEK
UP-F-330X Long FingerTight 2pc PEEK/10pk
UP-F-331 Short Fingertight 2pc PEEK
UP-F-331X Short FngrTt 2pc PEEK/10pk
UP-F-333N Ftg NT PEEK Hdls Short 1/16
UP-F-333NX Ftg PEEK Hdls Short 1/16-10pk
UP-F-345 Flush Nut Wrench 10-32 Nuts
UP-F-346 Flush Nut Wrench 1/4-28 Nuts
UP-F-350 Flush Nut 1/16 SealTight Type
UP-F-350X Flush Nut 1/16 SealTight /10pk
UP-F-354 Flush Nut 1/16 LiteTouch Type
UP-F-354X Flush Nut 1/16 LT /10pk
UP-F-356 SS FlushNut 1/4-28 Thread
UP-F-356X SS FlushNut 1/4-28 Thread/10pk
UP-F-358 Flush Nut 1/16 Flangeless Type
UP-F-364 Flush Nut 1/8 LiteTouch Type
UP-F-364X Flush Nut 1/8 LT /10pk
UP-F-368 Flush Nut 1/8 Flangeless Type
UP-F-370 Slv FEP Nat 1/32 x .003 x 1.55
UP-F-372 Slv FEP Yel 1/32 x .007 x 1.55
UP-F-373 Slv FEP Nat 1/32 x .009 x 1.55
UP-F-374 Slv FEP Blu 1/32 x .011 x 1.55
UP-F-375 Slv FEP Ora 1/32 x .013 x 1.55
UP-F-376 Slv FEP Grn 1/32x.0155×1.55
UP-F-380 Slv PEEK Red 1/32x.005×1.55
UP-F-381 Slv PEEK Yel 1/32x.007×1.55
UP-F-382 Slv PEEK Nat 1/32x.008×1.55
UP-F-383 Slv PEEK Gry 1/32x.009×1.55
UP-F-384 Slv PEEK Blu 1/32x.010×1.55
UP-F-385 Sleeve,PEEK,Nat,1/32 x .015
UP-F-385X SLV,PEEK,NAT,1/32,X.015X1.55
UP-F-386 Slv PEEK Ora 1/32x.020×1.55
UP-F-387 Slv PEEK Red 1/32x.011×1.55
UP-F-388 Slv PEEK Blk 1/32x.013×1.55
UP-FS-110 Fused Silica 360µmx100µmx2m
UP-FS-115 Fused Silica 360µmx150µmx2m
UP-FS-120 Tub Fused Silica 360µmx20µmx2m
UP-FS-150 Tub Fused Silica 360µmx50µmx2m
UP-FS-175 Tub Fused Silica 360µmx75µmx2m
UP-FS-310 Fused Silica Cleaving Stone
UP-FS-311 Fused Silica Carbide Cutter
UP-FS-315 Fused Silica Tub Cut Shortix
UP-FS-315-02 Shortix Maintenance Kit
UP-FSCK- I2C FS Com Cable I2C
UP-LT-100 LiteTouch Ferrule 1/16in
UP-LT-100X LiteTouch Ferr 1/16in – 10pk
UP-LT-105 Sprflangels/LiteTouch SS Nut
UP-LT-105X SF/LT SS Nut/10pk
UP-LT-110 LiteTouch Nut 1/16in
UP-LT-110X LiteTouch Nut 1/16in 10pk
UP-LT-111 LiteTouch Flangeless Ftg 1/16
UP-LT-115 Nut SF Short 1/16in PEEK Nat
UP-LT-115B Nut SF Short 1/16in PEEK Blue
UP-LT-115BLK Nut SF Short 1/16in PEEK Black
UP-LT-115G Nut SF Short 1/16in PEEK Green
UP-LT-115GY Nut SF Short 1/16in PEEK Gray
UP-LT-115OR Nut SF Short 1/16 PEEK Orange
UP-LT-115R Nut SF Short 1/16in PEEK Red
UP-LT-115X NUT,SF SHORT,1/16,PEEK,10/pk
UP-LT-132 LiteTouch Micro Ferrule 1/32in
UP-LT-132X LiteTouch Micro Ferr 1/32 10pk
UP-LT-135 LiteTouch SealTight Ferr Assy
UP-LT-135X LT SealTight Ferr Asy 10pk
UP-LT-200 LiteTouch Ferrule 1/8in
UP-LT-200X LiteTouch Ferrule 1/8in 10pk
UP-LT-210 LiteTouch Nut 1/8in
UP-LT-210X LiteTouch Nut 1/8in 10pk
UP-LT-215 Short 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK Nat
UP-LT-215B Short 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK Blu
UP-LT-215BLK Short 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK Blk
UP-LT-215G Short 1/8 LT Male Nut PEEK Grn
UP-LT-215GY Short 1/8 LT M Nut PEEK Gray
UP-LT-215X Short 1/8 LT Nut PEEK Nat/10pk
UP-LT-300 LiteTouch Parting Tool
UP-LT-300-02 LiteTouch Blade
UP-M-100 MiniTight Male Nut
UP-M-110 Micro MiniTight Kel-F
UP-M-120 Filter End Fitting 0.5µm PEEK
UP-M-120X Filter End Ftg 0.5µm PEEK/10pk
UP-M-121 Filter Cap Assy 1µm Green/2pk
UP-M-123 Filter Cap 1µm Blue use M-533
UP-M-124 Filt Cap 2µm Red/Grn use M-532
UP-M-124NF PEEK Capsule Union-No Filter
UP-M-125 Nanofilter Cap 1µm SS/2pk
UP-M-126 Nanofilter Cap 1µm Ti/2pk
UP-M-128 Conductive Capsule 1µm SS 2pk
UP-M-128NF Conductive Union – SS
UP-M-131 Filter Cap Assy 1µm Tan/2pk
UP-M-133 Fltr Cap 1µm SS Blk/Tn 2pk
UP-M-134 Fltr Cap 1µm Ti Tn/Blk 2pk
UP-M-135-1 Inline MicroFilter Assy 1µm SS
UP-M-138NF MicroUnion Capsule 1/32in
UP-M-140 Filter End Ftg 0.5µm PEEK-1/32
UP-M-152 Swaging Tool 6-32
UP-M-200 PEEK Spacer for 1/16in Tubing
UP-M-215 MicroFerrule Conductive 360µm
UP-M-250 SF 10-32 FB Ferr Asy 1/16
UP-M-250X SF 10-32 FB Ferr 1/16 10pk
UP-M-400 Valve Adapter
UP-M-405S Micro-Splitter Vlv 6-32 SS
UP-M-410 Micro-Volume BPR PEEK Tubing
UP-M-412 Micro-Volume BPR 500 psi
UP-M-420 Micro-Volume BPR 100 psi 10µm
UP-M-432 MIV Injection Port Adapt Assy
UP-M-432-03 Repl Tubing/Fitting Assy
UP-M-433 Injection Port Adapt Assy 1/32
UP-M-447 Insulating Mtng Bracket Assy
UP-M-472 Micro-Splitter 10-32/6-32 Grad
UP-M-500 MicroFilter Fused Silica 0.5µm
UP-M-500-04 MicroFilter Tube & Ferr Assy
UP-M-510 Precolumn MicroFilter Assy
UP-M-520 Inline MicroFilter Assy
UP-M-520-01 Inline MicrFiltr Bdy .006 thru
UP-M-525 Inlin MicrFiltr Kit 0.5µm PEEK
UP-M-533 Mini MicroFilter Assy 1µm
UP-M-540 Micro Static Mixing Tee Assy
UP-M-540A Micro Static Mix Tee No Frit
UP-M-542 MicrFltr 1/32 Tub 2µm Screen
UP-M-543 MicrFltr 1/32 Tub 1µm Screen
UP-M-547 MicrFltr Asy 1/32 1µm SS Disc
UP-M-548 MicrFltr Asy 1/32 1µm Ti Disc
UP-M-550 Precolumn MicroFilter 0.5µm SS
UP-M-555-1 MicroFilter 1/16 Tubing 2µm
UP-M-560 Precolumn MicrFltr 0.5µm PEEK
UP-M-560-1 MicrFltr 1/16 Tub 0.5µm PEEK
UP-M-572 Conductive MicroUnion Assy
UP-M-615-1 Manual Vlv Mountg Kit-4 port
UP-M-615-2 Manual Vlv Mountg Kit-6 port
UP-M-644-02 SF TinyTight Loc Rng 1/16 Tub
UP-M-644-03 SuperFlnglss TyTight PEEK Nut
UP-M-644-03X S,Flnglss,TyTight,PK,Nut/10pk
UP-M-645 Fitting, FT Valco
UP-M-645X Ftg Valco Comp 1/32 6-40 10pk
UP-M-646 SuperFlnglss TyTight Ftg .030
UP-M-646-01 SF TyTight Ferr PEEK Blk
UP-M-647 TT Mstac Ferr PEEK Nat .020
UP-M-650 SF FB Ferr Asy 1/16 SS Rg
UP-M-650X SF,FLAT BTTM,FERR,1/16,SS/10pk
UP-M-652 Nut SF Short Hex 1/16 PEEK Grn
UP-M-652X Nut SF ShortHex 1/16 PEEK/10pk
UP-M-653 Nut SF Short Knurl 1/16 PEEK
UP-M-653X Nut SF Short Knurl PEEK/10pk
UP-M-654 Nut SF Knurl-Hex 1/16 PEEK Grn
UP-M-655 Nut SF Long Hex Head 1/16 PEEK
UP-M-655X Nut SF Long Hex 1/16 PEEK/10pk
UP-M-657 TT Mstac Ferr PEEK Blk .030
UP-M-660 SF Nut-PEEK Nat 6-32
UP-M-660X SF Nut-PEEK Nat 6-32/10PK
UP-N-123-02 NanoPort Gasket FB Port
UP-N-123-03 NanoPort Ferr FB 360/510µm
UP-N-123-03X NanoPrt Ferr 6-32FB 360µm/10pk
UP-N-290 Extender Tool-Nano Hdls Nut
UP-N-291 EXTDR Torque Wrench Headless
UP-N-333 NanoPort Hdls 10-32 Cnd 1/16
UP-N-333-01 NanoPort 10-32 Coned
UP-OC-416 PEEK Omega Frit w/Rg (2µm) Grn
UP-OC-419 Omega End Ftg/Nat – Hex
UP-OC-419BLK Omega End Fitting/Black – Hex
UP-OC-802 Mega Frit w/Ring 2µm PCTFE Grn
UP-OC-803 Frit PEEK 10µm .457x.077x.560
UP-OC-805 Frit PEEK 5µm .455x.058x.560
UP-OC-815 Frit PEEK 5µm .294x.062x.375
UP-P-100 Male Nut PlasticTight 1/8in
UP-P-1000 Stnd Knurl TQ Tool 4in-lbs
UP-P-1082BLKX Flanged Ftg Knurl M6 1/8 10pk
UP-P-1087X Washer SS M6 1/8in 10pk
UP-P-1100 Sprflangels Ferr Assy 1mm OD
UP-P-116 Plug Micro Ferrule
UP-P-120 Plug PlasticTight 1/16in
UP-P-123 Plug Tefzel 1/4-28 Hex Head
UP-P-130 Nut PEEK 5/16-24 for 1/8 Flgls
UP-P-131 Nut PEEK 5/16-24-1/8 LT
UP-P-132 Nut PEEK 5/16-24 – 3/16 Flgls
UP-P-133 Flgls Ferr 3/16 Tefzel Blue
UP-P-133N Flgls Ferr 3/16 Tefzel Nat
UP-P-133NX Flgls Ferr 3/16 Tfz Nat 10pk
UP-P-133X Flgls Ferr 3/16 Tfz Blue 10pk
UP-P-134 Union Body PEEK 5/16in
UP-P-135 Adapt 1/4-28 x 5/16-24 PEEK
UP-P-136 5/16-24 Nut 1/16 Flgls Ftg
UP-P-136BLK 5/16-24 Nut 1/16 Flgls Ftg Blk
UP-P-137 Nut SF PEEK Blk 5/16-24 – 3/16
UP-P-137X NutSFPEEKBlk5/16-24-3/16/10Pk
UP-P-138 Flgls Nut 5/16-24 for 3/16-4mm
UP-P-139 PCTFE Flangless Ferrule 4mm OD
UP-P-140 SF Ferrule Assy Tefzel 3/16in
UP-P-140X SF Ferr Assy Tefzel 3/16/10pk
UP-P-141 Nut PEEK SF 5/16-24 for 1/16
UP-P-141X Nut PK SF 5/16-24 for1/16 10pk
UP-P-150 Manifold Assy 7 Port 1/16in
UP-P-150-01 Manifold Body 7 Port 1/16in
UP-P-151 Manifold Assy 7 Port 1/8in
UP-P-151-01 Manifold Body 7 Port 1/8in
UP-P-152 Manifold Assy 6 Port 1/16in
UP-P-152-01 Manifold Body 6 Port 1/16in
UP-P-153 Manifold Assy 6 Port 1/8in
UP-P-153-01 Manifold Body 6 Port 1/8in
UP-P-154 Manifold Assy 5 Port 1/16in
UP-P-154-01 Manifold Body 5 Port 1/16in
UP-P-155 Manifold Assy 5 Port 1/8in
UP-P-155-01 Manifold Body 5 Port 1/8in
UP-P-170 Manifold Assy 7 Port 10-32 Std
UP-P-170-01 Manifold Body 7 Port 10-32 Std
UP-P-190 Manifold Assy 9 Port 1/8in
UP-P-190-01 Manifold Body 9 Port 1/8in
UP-P-191 Manifold Assy 9 Port 1/16in
UP-P-191-01 Manifold Body 9 Port 1/16in
UP-P-200N Flangeless Ferr 1/16in Nat
UP-P-200NX Flangeless Ferr 1/16 Nat/10pk
UP-P-200R Flangeless Ferrule 1/16in Red
UP-P-200X Flangeless Ferr 1/16 Blue/10pk
UP-P-201 Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in Blk
UP-P-202 Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in Red
UP-P-202X Male Nut 1/16in Red/10pk
UP-P-203 Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in Wht
UP-P-204 Flangeless Male Nut 1/16 Cream
UP-P-205 Flangeless Male Nut 1/16in Grn
UP-P-206 Flangeless Male Nut 1/16 Blue
UP-P-207 Flgls Metric Male Nut 1/16 Blk
UP-P-207SX Male Nut M6-1/16in Short/10PK
UP-P-207X Male Nut Metric 1/16 Blk/10pk
UP-P-208 Flangeless Nut 1/16 Blk Short
UP-P-208W Flangeless Nut 1/16 Wht Short
UP-P-210 Male Nut Extra Long
UP-P-210N Flangeless Nut Extra Long Nat
UP-P-213X HeadlessM6 Nut 1/16in Sht 10pk
UP-P-215 Flangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel
UP-P-215B Flgls Nut 1/16 Tefzel Blue
UP-P-215BLK Flangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel Blk
UP-P-215G Flangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel Grn
UP-P-215R Flangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel Red
UP-P-215Y Flgls Nut 1/16 Tefzel Yellow
UP-P-217 Sprflangels Nut 1/16in PPS M6
UP-P-217X SF Nut 1/16in PPS M6 10pk
UP-P-218 Short Flangeless Nut 1/16
UP-P-218B Short Tefzel Nut 1/16 Blue
UP-P-218BLK Short Tefzel Nut 1/16 Black
UP-P-218R Short Tefzel Nut 1/16 Red
UP-P-219 Short 1/16 LT Male Nut PEEK M6
UP-P-219X Short 1/16 LT Nut PEEK M6 10pk
UP-P-220 Flgls Male Nut 1/16 PP Nat
UP-P-220B Flgls Male Nut 1/16 PP Blu
UP-P-220BLK Flgls Male Nut 1/16 PP Blk
UP-P-220G Flgls Male Nut 1/16 PP Grn
UP-P-220OR Flgls Male Nut 1/16 PP Ora
UP-P-220R Flgls Male Nut 1/16 PP Red
UP-P-220Y Flgls Male Nut 1/16 PP Yel
UP-P-221 Flangeless Ferr 1/16 Polyprop
UP-P-225 M6 Flangeless Nut 1/16 Tefzel
UP-P-225YX M6 Flgls Nut 1/16 Tefzel/10pk
UP-P-226 Flgls Nut 1/16 Tub PFA M6
UP-P-229 One Piece FB 1/16 M6 Assy
UP-P-229X One Piece FB 1/16 M6 10pk
UP-P-230 Flangeless Nut PEEK 1/16in
UP-P-230BLK Flangeless Nut PEEK 1/16in Blk
UP-P-232 SF Headless Nut 1/16 Short
UP-P-232X SF Hdls Nut 1/16 Short 10pk
UP-P-235B Flgls Nut 1/16 PEEK Short Blue
UP-P-235X Flgls Nut 1/16 PEEK Short/10pk
UP-P-238 Flgls Male Nut 1/16 Purple
UP-P-240 Flangeless Ferrule 1/16 Tefzel
UP-P-240X Flgls Ferr 1/16 Tefzel/10pk
UP-P-245 Flangeless Nut 1/16in PFA
UP-P-245B Flangeless Nut 1/16in PFA Blue
UP-P-246 Sprflangels Nut 1/16in PFA Nat
UP-P-246X SF Nut 1/16 PFA Nat/10pk
UP-P-247 Flgls Nut Short M6 PEEK Blk
UP-P-247X Flgls Nut Short M6 PEEK/10pk
UP-P-248 Sprflangels Ferr Assy 1/32 Grn
UP-P-248X SuperFlnglss Ferr 1/32/10pk
UP-P-249 One Piece FB 1/16 Assy
UP-P-249X One Piece FB 1/16 10pk
UP-P-250 SF Ferr w/SS Ring 1/16in PEEK
UP-P-251 Sprflangels Ftg Nut 1/16in
UP-P-252 Sprflangels Ftg Nut 1/16in
UP-P-252BLK Sprflangels Ftg Nut 1/16in Blk
UP-P-252X Sprflangels Nut 1/16 Delr 10pk
UP-P-255 Sprflangels Ftg Nut 1/16 PEEK
UP-P-255B Sprflangels Nut 1/16 PEEK Blue
UP-P-255BLK Sprflangels Nut 1/16 PEEK Blk
UP-P-255R Sprflangels Nut 1/16 PEEK Red
UP-P-255X Sprflangels Ftg Nut PEEK/10pk
UP-P-258-01 Sprflangels Ferr Tefzel Yellow
UP-P-258-01B Sprflangels Ferr Tefzel Blue
UP-P-259 SF Ferr w/SS Rg 1/16 Tefzel
UP-P-260 SuperFlangeless Ferrule PEEK
UP-P-260X Sprflangels Ferr PEEK/10pk
UP-P-268 Extender Tool for 1/4in hex
UP-P-270 Frit Ferr 2µm SF PEEK SS Rg
UP-P-272 Frit in Ferr 2µm SS/PCTFE Grn
UP-P-273 Frit Ferr 0.5µm SS/PCTFE Blue
UP-P-274 Frit Ferr 2µm SF PEEK SS Rg
UP-P-275 Frit Ferr 0.5µm SF PEEK SS Rg
UP-P-276 Frit Ferr 10µm SF ETFE SS Rg
UP-P-277 Extender Tool-MicroNut
UP-P-278 Extender Tool for Micro F Nut
UP-P-279 Extender Tool-MicroNut
UP-P-281 SuperFlangeless Nut 1/16in PPS
UP-P-281X SF Nut 1/16in PPS 10pk
UP-P-283 Headless Nut 1/16in Short
UP-P-286 Flgls Nut 1/16 PPS Headless
UP-P-287 Sprflangels Nut 1/16 PPS Hdls
UP-P-287X SF Nut 1/16 PPS Hdls 10pk
UP-P-288 Flgls Nut 1/16 PPS Headless M6
UP-P-289 SF Nut 1/16 PPS Hdlss M6
UP-P-290 Inject Port for injection vlvs
UP-P-291 Extender Tool Std Head Hex Drv
UP-P-292 Extend Hdls for Torque Wrench
UP-P-295 Adj Injection Port Adapter
UP-P-296 Tub/Ferr Assy for Adj. j. Port
UP-P-297 Extender Tool-Headless Nut
UP-P-298 Extender Tool Delr-Flgls Nut
UP-P-299 Extender Tool-Flangeless Nut
UP-P-300 Flangeless Ferr 1/8in Yellow
UP-P-300N Flangeless Ferr 1/8in Nat
UP-P-300NX Flangeless Ferr 1/8in Nat/10pk
UP-P-300X Flangeless Ferr 1/8 Yello 10pk
UP-P-301 Flangeless Male Nut 1/8 – Blk
UP-P-301X Flgls Male Nut 1/8 Blk/10pk
UP-P-302 Flangeless Male Nut 1/8 – Red
UP-P-303 Flangeless Male Nut 1/8 – Wht
UP-P-304 Flangeless Male Nut 1/8 Cream
UP-P-305 Flangeless Male Nut 1/8 – Grn
UP-P-305X Flgls Male Nut 1/8 Grn 10pk
UP-P-306 Flangeless Male Nut 1/8 – Blue
UP-P-307 Flnglss Metric M Nut 1/8-Blk
UP-P-307S Male Nut Short M6 – 1/8in
UP-P-307SX Male Nut Short M6 – 1/8in/10PK
UP-P-307X Flnglss Nut M6 1/8/10pk
UP-P-308 Flangeless Short Nut 1/8 – Blk
UP-P-308W Flangeless Short Nut 1/8 – Wht
UP-P-309 Flange Type Ftg Plug – Blk
UP-P-310N Male Nut Extra Long 1/8 Tub
UP-P-311 Plug Tefzel – 1/4-28
UP-P-312 Lock Nut – Flangeless Fitting
UP-P-312X Lock Nut Flangeless Ftg /10pk
UP-P-314 Plug Tefzel – M6 x1
UP-P-314N Plug Tefzel Natural – M6 x1
UP-P-315 Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8in
UP-P-315B Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8 Blue
UP-P-315BLK Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8 Blk
UP-P-315G Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8 Grn
UP-P-315R Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8 Red
UP-P-315Y Flgls Nut Tefzel 1/8 Yellow
UP-P-317 Sprflangels Nut 1/8in PPS M6
UP-P-317X SF Nut 1/8in PPS M6 10pk
UP-P-318 Flangeless Nut 1/8in Short
UP-P-318B Flngls Nut Tefzel 1/8 Short
UP-P-318BLK Flgls Nut Tefzel 1/8 Short Blk
UP-P-318G Flgls Nut Tefzel 1/8 Short Grn
UP-P-318R Flgls Nut Tefzel 1/8 Short Red
UP-P-318Y Flgls Nut Tefzel 1/8 Short
UP-P-319 SF Nut 1/8 PEEK M6 Short
UP-P-319X SF Nut 1/8 PEEK M6 Short 10pk
UP-P-320 Flangeless Nut Polyprop 1/8in
UP-P-320B Flgls Nut Polyprop 1/8 Blue
UP-P-320BLK Flgls Nut Polyprop 1/8 Blk
UP-P-320OR Flgls Nut Polyprop 1/8 Orange
UP-P-320R Flgls Nut Polyprop 1/8 Red
UP-P-320Y Flgls Nut Polyprop 1/8 Yellow
UP-P-321 Plug PEEK Nat 1/4-28
UP-P-325 Flangeless Nut Tefzel 1/8 M6
UP-P-326 Flangeless Nut PFA 1/8 Blk M6
UP-P-329 One Piece FB 1/8 M6 Assy
UP-P-329X One Piece FB 1/8 M6 10pk
UP-P-330B Nut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK Blue
UP-P-330BLK Nut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK Blk
UP-P-330G Nut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK Grn
UP-P-330OR Nut Flangeless 1/8 PEEK Orange
UP-P-330R Nut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK Red
UP-P-330X Nut Flangeless 1/8in PEEK/10pk
UP-P-330Y Nut Flangeless 1/8 PEEK Yellow
UP-P-331 Sprflangels Nut 1/8in PEEK Nat
UP-P-331B Sprflangels Nut 1/8 PEEK Blue
UP-P-331BLK Sprflangels Nut 1/8 PEEK Blk
UP-P-331G Sprflangels Nut 1/8 PEEK Gr
UP-P-331OR Sprflangels Nut 1/8 PEEK Or
UP-P-331X SF Nut 1/8in PEEK Nat 10pk
UP-P-331Y SF Nut 1/8 PEEK Yellow
UP-P-332 Sprflangels Nut 1/8 Delr Blk
UP-P-332B Sprflangels Nut 1/8 Delr Blue
UP-P-332X Sprflangels Nut 1/8 Delr/10pk
UP-P-335 Nut Flangeless Short 1/8 PEEK
UP-P-335B Nut Flgls Short 1/8 PEEK Blue
UP-P-335G Nut Flgls Short 1/8 PEEK Grn
UP-P-335OR Flgls Nut PEEK 1/8 Short
UP-P-335R Nut Flgls Short 1/8 PEEK Red
UP-P-335X Nut Flgls Short 1/8 PEEK/10pk
UP-P-335Y Flgls Nut PEEK 1/8 Short
UP-P-336 SF Nut 1/8 Short Hdlss
UP-P-336X SF Nut 1/8 Short Hdlss 10pk
UP-P-337X SF Nut Short Hdls M6-1/8 10pk
UP-P-338 Nut Flangeless 1/8 Delr Purple
UP-P-340 Flangeless Ferrule 1/8in
UP-P-340X Flangeless Ferrule 1/8in/10pk
UP-P-342 Flangeless Ferrule 1.8mm
UP-P-342X Flangeless Ferrule 1.8mm/10pk
UP-P-343 Flangeless Ferrule 3mm
UP-P-343X Flangeless Ferrule 3mm/10pk
UP-P-344 Flangeless Ferrule 4mmOD Tfzl
UP-P-344X Flgless Ferrule 4mmOD Tfzl 10p
UP-P-345 Flangeless Nut Teflon 1/8in
UP-P-345X Flangeless Nut Teflon 1/8 10pk
UP-P-347 Nut Flgls Short M6 PEEK Blk
UP-P-347B Nut Flgls Short M6 PEEK Blue
UP-P-347BX Nut Flgls Short M6 PEEK/10pk
UP-P-347X Nut Flgls Short M6 PEEK/10pk
UP-P-348 Short Headless Nut 1/8in
UP-P-349 One Piece FB 1/8 Assy
UP-P-349X One Piece FB 1/8 10pk
UP-P-350 SF Ferr w/SS Ring 1/8in PEEK
UP-P-350X Sprflangels Ferr PEEK 1/8 10pk
UP-P-352 SuperFlangeless Ferrule M6
UP-P-352X Sprflangels Ferr M6/10pk
UP-P-353 Flangeless Ferr 2.5mm Tube
UP-P-353X Flangeless Ferr 2.5mm Tub/10pk
UP-P-355 SF Ferrule 1.8mm
UP-P-355X SF Ferrule 1.8mm x 2mm/10pk
UP-P-357 Two-Piece SF Ftg PEEK 2mm OD
UP-P-357-1 SF Nut 2mm PEEK M6 Short
UP-P-357-2 SF Ferrule w/SS Ring 2mm PEEK
UP-P-357-2-01 SuperFlangeless Ferrule 2mm
UP-P-357-2X Sprflangels Ferr 2mm/10pk
UP-P-357X SF Ftg PEEK 2mm OD/10pk
UP-P-359 Sprflangels Ferr Assy Tfzl 1/8
UP-P-359-01 SF Ferrule Tefzel (Yel)
UP-P-359X SF Ferr Asy Tfzl 1/8 10pk
UP-P-360 SuperFlangeless Ferrule 1/8in
UP-P-360X Sprflangels Ferr 1/8in 10pk
UP-P-362 Short Hdls M6 Nut 2.5mm Tub
UP-P-363R Flangeless Ferrule 2.0mm
UP-P-363RX Flangeless Ferrule 2.0mm 10pk
UP-P-366 SF Ferr 2.5mm PEEK Nat M6
UP-P-366X SF Ferr 2.5mm PEEK Nat M6 10pk
UP-P-370 Frit Ferr 2µm SF PEEK SS Rg
UP-P-371X Frit Ferr 0.5µm SF PEEK/10pk
UP-P-372 Frit in Ferr 2µm SS/PCTFE Grn
UP-P-373 Frit Ferr 0.5µm SS/PCTFE Blue
UP-P-374 Frit Ferr 2µm SF PEEK SS Rg
UP-P-381 SuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in PPS
UP-P-381X SF Nut 1/8in PPS 10pk
UP-P-387 Sprflangels Nut 1/8 PPS Hdls
UP-P-387X SF Nut 1/8 PPS Hdls 10pk
UP-P-398 Extender Tool 8mm Hex
UP-P-399 Extender Tool Short-Flgls Nut
UP-P-400 SuperFlangeless Nut 1/8in PFA
UP-P-401 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16 – Blk
UP-P-401-01 Flanged Nut 1/16in – Black
UP-P-401X Flanged Fitting 1/16 Blk 10pk
UP-P-402 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16 – Red
UP-P-403 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16 – Wht
UP-P-405 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16 – Grn
UP-P-406 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/16 – Blue
UP-P-407-01 Washer SS 1/16in
UP-P-407X Washer SS 1/16in 10pk
UP-P-408 Flanged Fitting Plug – 1/4-28
UP-P-411 Plug PEEK Blk ZDV 6-32 Port
UP-P-416 Female Nut (Micro Fittings)
UP-P-416BLK Female Nut 5/16-24 PEEK Black
UP-P-416G Female Nut 5/16-24 PEEK Green
UP-P-417 Fem Nut 5/16-24 PEEK Nat 1/8
UP-P-420 Fem Nut PEEK Nat for 1/16 Tub
UP-P-430 Elbow Assy PEEK – 1/16in
UP-P-430-01 Elbow Body PEEK 1/4-28 .020
UP-P-432 Elbow Assy PEEK – 1/8in
UP-P-432-01 Elbow Body PEEK 1/4-28 .062
UP-P-440 Union Assy PEEK 1/16 Bulkhead
UP-P-440-01 Union Body PEEK 1/16 Bulkhead
UP-P-441 Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
UP-P-441-01 Union Body PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
UP-P-441-01BLK Union Body PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
UP-P-441-01N Union Body PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
UP-P-441B Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
UP-P-441BLK Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
UP-P-441G Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
UP-P-441N Union Asy PEEK 1/4-28 BlkHd
UP-P-442 Union Assy PEEK M6 Bulkhead
UP-P-445 Micro Ming vlv Assy 1/4-28
UP-P-445NF Micro Ming vlv – No Ftgs
UP-P-446 Micro Metering Valve Assy 1/16
UP-P-446NF Micro Vlv Assy No Fittings
UP-P-447 Micro Metering Valve Assy 1/8
UP-P-450 Micro-Splitter vlv Assy 1/4-28
UP-P-451 Micro-Splitter vlv Assy 10-32
UP-P-452 Micro-Split Vlv Asy 10-32/6-32
UP-P-455 BPR Assembly 1000 psi Biocomp
UP-P-460S Micro-Split Vlv 10-32 Hi Press
UP-P-460T Stream Split Hi Press Titanium
UP-P-465 BPR Hldr Assy – Bio
UP-P-470 Micro-Splitter vlv 10-32 Grad
UP-P-482B Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/16 – Blue
UP-P-482BLK Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/16 – Blk
UP-P-482C Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/16 Cream
UP-P-482G Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/16 – Grn
UP-P-482R Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/16 – Red
UP-P-482T Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/16 Tefzel
UP-P-482T-01 Flanged Nut Knurl 1/16 Tefzel
UP-P-501 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in – Blk
UP-P-501-01 Flanged Nut 1/8in – Black
UP-P-501X Flanged Fitting 1/8 Blk 10pk
UP-P-502 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in – Red
UP-P-503 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in – Wht
UP-P-503-01 Flanged Nut 1/8in – White
UP-P-504 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8 – Cream
UP-P-505 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8in – Grn
UP-P-506 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8 – Blue
UP-P-507-01 Washer SS 1/8in
UP-P-507X Washer SS 1/8in 10pk
UP-P-508 Flanged Nut/Washer 1/8 – Gray
UP-P-512 Y Assy PEEK 1/4-28 .020in
UP-P-512-01 Y Body PEEK 1/4-28 .020in
UP-P-513 Y Assy PEEK 1/4-28 .040in
UP-P-513-01 Y Body PEEK 1/4-28 .040in
UP-P-514 Y Assy PEEK 1/4-28 .060in
UP-P-514-01 Y Body PEEK 1/4-28 .060in
UP-P-515 Y Assy PEEK 5/16-24 .125in
UP-P-515-01 Y Body PEEK 5/16-24 .125in
UP-P-520 Plug SS 10-32 Coned w 5/16 Hex
UP-P-550 Col Plug, PEEK Nat 10-32
UP-P-550BLK Plug PEEK Blk 10-32 Extra Long
UP-P-551 Col Plug PEEK Natural 10-32
UP-P-551BLK Col Plug PEEK Black 10-32
UP-P-552 Ftg Plug for Valco Comp Port
UP-P-553 MicroTight Gauge Plug 6-32
UP-P-554 MicroTight Gauge Plug 10-32
UP-P-555 MicroTight Plug 6-32 PEEK
UP-P-556 Plug PEEK 5/16-24
UP-P-557 Plug Delrin White – 5/16-24
UP-P-558 Plug PEEK Green 6-40 FB
UP-P-559 Plug PEEK Nat 6-32 FB
UP-P-582B Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/8in Blue
UP-P-582C Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/8in Cream
UP-P-582T Flanged Fttg Knurl 1/8 Tefzel
UP-P-600 Adapt Body PEEK Btle Capx6-32
UP-P-602 Union Delr Blk M6 Fem x M6 Fem
UP-P-603 Union Delr Wht 1/4-28×1/4-28
UP-P-604 Female Luer x 1/4-28 Male Delr
UP-P-605 Male Luer x 1/4-28 Male – Delr
UP-P-606 Union Delr Blk M6 Fem .060thru
UP-P-612 Pressure Relief Valve Tee Assy
UP-P-612-01 Pressure Relief Valve Tee Body
UP-P-612S Press Relief Vlv Asy 5/16-24
UP-P-615 Union Assy PEEK 1/8in x 1/8in
UP-P-618 Fem Luerx1/4-28 Male Polyprop
UP-P-618L Luer Polyprop F1/4-28 1/8
UP-P-619 Male Luer 1/4-28 Male Polyprop
UP-P-620 Union Body Polyprop 1/4-28
UP-P-621 Adapt Body Tefzel 1/4-28xM6
UP-P-622 Union Body Tefzel M6 x 1
UP-P-623 Union Tefzel 1/4-28×1/4-28
UP-P-624 Female Luerx1/4-28 Male Tefzel
UP-P-625 Male Luer x 1/4-28 Male Tefzel
UP-P-626 Adapt Asy 10-32 x M6 .020 thru
UP-P-626-01 Adapt Body 10-32 Fem x M6 Fem
UP-P-627 Adapt Asy 10-32×1/4-28 .020
UP-P-627-01 Adapt Body 10-32 Fx1/4-28 F
UP-P-628 Female Luer – Female Union
UP-P-628P Female Luer – Female Union 1/8
UP-P-628S Female Luer – Female Union
UP-P-629 Fem Luerx10-32 Fem Tefzel
UP-P-629BLK Female Luer Female Union Blk
UP-P-630 Union Assy Tefzel – 1/16in Tub
UP-P-631 Union Assy Tefzel – 1/8in Tube
UP-P-632 Tee Asy Tefzel 1/16 .020 thru
UP-P-632-01 Tee Body Tefzel .020 thru
UP-P-633 Tee Asy Tefzel 1/8 – .050 thru
UP-P-633-01 Tee Body Tefzel .050 thru
UP-P-634 Cross Asy Tefzel 1/16 .020
UP-P-634-01 Cross Body Tefzel .020in thru
UP-P-635 Cross Asy Tefzel 1/8 .050 thru
UP-P-635-01 Cross Body Tefzel .050in thru
UP-P-636 Adapt – 10-32M x 10-32F – PEEK
UP-P-639 Adapt 1/16 Barbx10-32 FB PEEK
UP-P-640 Adapt Assy F-200 x 1/4-28 Male
UP-P-640-01 Adapt 10-32 Fx1/4-28 M PCTFE
UP-P-642 Adapt – Fem Luer to FngrTt
UP-P-642BLK Adapt – Fem Luer to FngrTt-Blk
UP-P-643 Adapt Hi Press 10-32×1/4-28
UP-P-645 Mounting Stud – Kel-F
UP-P-646 Adapt 1/16 Barbx1/4-28M ETFE
UP-P-647 Adapt Body 1/8 M Barbx1/4-28 M
UP-P-648 Adapt 3/16 Barb x 1/4-28 Male
UP-P-649 Adapt Body 1/4-28 Mx5/16-24 F
UP-P-650 Adapt – M6 x 10-32 Std – PEEK
UP-P-651 Adapt M6 x 10-32 Waters PEEK
UP-P-652 Adapt – 1/4-28 x 10-32 – PEEK
UP-P-653 Adapt Metric Extra Long PEEK
UP-P-654 Adapt – Extra Long – PEEK
UP-P-655 1/4-28 Female – Male Luer Assy
UP-P-655-01 1/4-28 Female to Male Luer Nut
UP-P-656 10-32 Female to Male Luer Assy
UP-P-656-01 10-32 Female to Male Luer Nut
UP-P-657 Luer Asy M6 Female to Male
UP-P-658 1/4-28 Female to Female Luer
UP-P-659 10-32 Female to Female Luer
UP-P-660 Luer M6 Female to Female
UP-P-661 Adapt F Luerx5/16-24 M ETFE
UP-P-662 Female Luer to MicroTight Assy
UP-P-662-01 Female Luer to MicroTight Body
UP-P-663 Adapt – 1/16 Barb x 10-32 Male
UP-P-664 Adapt – 1/8 Barb x 10-32 Male
UP-P-665 Adapt – 3/16 Barb x 10-32 Male
UP-P-668 Adapt 1/16 Barbx1/4-28 PEEK
UP-P-669 Adapt Assy PEEK 10-32 x 1/4-28
UP-P-669-01 Adapt PEEK 10-32Fx1/4-28M
UP-P-670 Adapt M6 Femx1/4-28 Male PCTFE
UP-P-671 Adapt Body 1/4-28 Fx1/4-28 M
UP-P-672 Adapt 1/4-28 x 10-32 FB PEEK
UP-P-673 Adapt – 5/16-24 Fem x M6 Male
UP-P-674 Adapt 5/16-24Fx1/4-28Mx.040
UP-P-675 1/4-28 Female to Male Luer Asy
UP-P-675-01 1/4-28 Female to Male Luer Red
UP-P-676 10-32F to M Luer Asy Tefzel
UP-P-677 M6 Fem to Male Luer Asy Tefzel
UP-P-677-01 M6 Fem to Male Luer-Tefzel Blk
UP-P-678 1/4-28 Fem to Fem Luer Tefzel